Sunday, May 31, 2009

keeping myself from exposion

seriously, im about to explode right now. there's this person who really have insulted me indirectly. his action tells me that i am a useless friend. am i really that useless to you?? it is so obvious that i am not needed anymore right? fine then, i should just be myself and i am not going to change even though u make me looks like i am a rubbish. its not my fault anyway. usually i am willing to help you but its just that i didnt show it. you can just look for me and asked for my help if you want. now, u wont bother getting any help or attention from me anymore. i am so hurt that you would stab me from back and front even though im not the one that causes your problem. if you have anything that need helps then just look for me. why do you need to reject my help and then insult me??? why do you need to tell the whole world that you have problems and make me feel that i am useless for not helping you?? how can i help you if you did not explain you own problems??? how am i supposed to ask you what your problems is? wouldn't that makes me looks like i am a busybody?? i just dont care a damm thing going on with you anymore. end of story!

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